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The group is supported by staff with in-depth professional experience to provide solutions to today’s problems in the Industry and has many ancillary support staff and skilled workers.
About US

Engineering Services

Over the past years, Femoni Engineering has grown to become a premier specialty contractor of its type by developing people, procedures, safety standards, community relations standards, quality control and experience schedule performance to meet customer needs. Our expertise and customer-driven philosophy are unsurpassed in the oil and gas industry. We believe that our vision, which is to Build value to meet the diverse needs of each client, is achievable with the right tools and resources.

Construction Services

We are industry leader in the field of construction. We have expertise in constructions, heavy equipment, parking lots, plat-forms, jetties, high rise buildings, pavements, etc.
We deliver superior value through commitment to client partnerships, by employing innovative construction methods and procedures; we provide a high level of commitment to each and every client by taking a leadership role in the growth and development of the construction industry.

Procurement Services

Procurement Function has always been part of Femoni from inception. This has imbued the company with a lot of experience in procurement activities. Materials Management Department is Femoni’s center-led procurement organization, providing strategic sourcing and tactical buying services for goods and services in support of Femoni projects nationwide and clients’ procurement needs.

Using advanced sourcing methods, global market knowledge, and Femoni’s global volume purchasing, Materials Management Department seeks to obtain the best pricing, quality, and service available for our clients. Our procurement activities cover both local and global sourcing. Our understanding of peculiar terrain of Nigerian Business ensures your delivery is never delayed. 

Who We Are.

FEMONI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a company with a group of professionals in the Construction Industry who from their various wealth of experience have decided to come together and take the Industry to the highest level.

Our strength lies in the wisdom we get from above coupled with the desire to excel; this energizes us into providing optimum solution to each project.

Our aim is making sure there is a balance between economic consideration and functional requirements which makes us capable of handling projects of any magnitude within a planned schedule and budget.

What We Do.

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High-skilled workers are more likely to work unusual hours

As much as we are an official and well organised firm, our commitment to making our staffs happy always have given us edge and trust from them. They are always dedicated to projects and ready to work extra hours to meet the demand of our client. Client Satisfaction is a culture at Femoni Group.